Robert Hammond – CONDEMNED (Mental Health in Africa)

While researching about mental health I came across how other countries handle mental health issues and I came across a photo project by Robert Hammond called CONDEMNED, it shows African people chained up and basically abused because of their disability, the photos are actually heart breaking.

Mental health in some communities are still considered to be daemons or in the case of DID possession, communities such as asian communities can sometimes force exorcisms on people which can be very traumatising. In some places being gay is still considered to be a mental health problem and these people are forced to have exorcisms as well.

These links will send you to pages that discuss ancient daemons and how some communities think they exist and are the cause of mental illness, which can stop people getting the help or medication they need. I remember watching one exorcism and they were shaking a person so much that they caused him to have a fit, this was seen as an exorcism when really it was an abusive act.


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